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Synephrine hydrochloride

Synephrine hydrochloride CAS NO.5985-28-4

  • Min.Order: 10 Gram
  • Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
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  • high purity Synephrine hydrochloride
  • low price Synephrine hydrochloride
  • good quality Synephrine hydrochloride

Quick Details

  • ProName: Synephrine hydrochloride
  • CasNo: 5985-28-4
  • Appearance: white powder
  • Application: Pharmaceutical
  • DeliveryTime: within 2-3 days after payment
  • ProductionCapacity: 500 Kilogram/Month
  • Purity: ≥98%
  • LimitNum: 10 Gram


Synephrine Hcl(Oxedrine) is an alkaloid; synephrine produces most of its biological effects by acting as an agonist at adrenergic receptors. IC50 value: Target: adrenergic receptor agonist There is some evidence that synephrine also has weak activity at 5-HT receptors, and that it interacts with TAAR1 (trace adrenergic amine receptors). d-synephrine inhibited the uptake of [3H]-norepinephrine with an IC50 = 5.8 μM; l-synephrine was less potent (IC50 = 13.5 μM). d-Synephrine also competitively inhibited the binding of nisoxetine[m] to rat brain cortical slices, with a Ki = 4.5 μM; l-synephrine was less potent (Ki = 8.2 μM). In experiments on the release of [3H]-norepinephrine from rat brain cortical slices, however, the l-isomer of synephrine was a more potent enhancer of the release (EC50 = 8.2 μM) than the d-isomer (EC50 = 12.3 μM). This enhanced release by l-synephrine was blocked by nisoxetine.


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